Chad Beeler: 27 Years of Experience

Ocean Safety

As a former Laguna Beach City Lifeguard and Junior Lifeguards Director, Chad puts an emphasis on safety as well as fun.

Boundless Adventure

 Chad's extensive knowledge of the coastline in Laguna Beach allows him to develop safe and exciting excursions that take campers along the whole coast of Laguna Beach.

Family Mentality

As a father of three and experienced coach of all ages, Chad harbors a pervasive family atmosphere of inclusivity and respect 

About Us

Chad Beeler and Beeler Aquatics

Chad is a 16 year Laguna Beach Lifeguard Veteran. Chad started with the City of Laguna Beach Marine Safety in summer of 1991 and took over as Senior Head Junior Lifeguard instructor/Coordinator in summers of 1995 till 2005. In 1997, Chad formed the Mermaid & Sea Cub program that works similar to Jr. Guards but for younger kids ages 5 years to 7 years of age. In 2008, Chad started the all day beach camp now known as "Beach Camp Laguna". These camps are all geared towards promoting beach ocean safety and knowledge with fun activities.


Robert Grayeli - Beach Camp Supervisor/Instructor.

Robert is a 4 year water polo player who graduated from Pepperdine University and is a current Laguna Beach Water Polo coach and Beach Camp instructor.